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Cesana Torinese is an italian village of 1.026 inhabitants located in the Turin province, in Val di Susa, belonging to the mountain community of Valle Susa and Val Sangone. Cesana is located in a valley between Monte Chaberton, Monte Fraiteve and Colle Bercia, where Ripa and Dora torrents merge to create Dora Riparia and Lago Nero.
This village has been one of the venues for XX Winter Olympic Games where it hosted biathlon, women skiing, bobsleigh and skeleton matches.
From La Comba, starts the cablecar to San Sicario on the left side, while a chair lift directs to the right side. Three modern chair lifts take to Colle Bercia where itì’s possible to go until Claviere. This is the Monti della Luna skiing area, 110 km slopes between Claviere and Cesana.
In Cesana ski area, ski lovers can find different kind of slopes: 16 red slopes, 9 black slopes and 11 blue slopes for alpine skiing. On the Pariol olympic slopes, Cesana has hosted bobsleigh and skeleton matches in 2006, during The Winter Olympic Games of Turin and it’s still today a main venue for the European Cup, Italian and World Championships.
In spring and summer, for those looking for emotions, it is possible to walk through the tibetan bridge suspended at 30 mt from the ground for 468 mt, in the canyon between rio Gimont and Piccola Dora.
Every year, Cesana is the venue of two important events: the Cesana-Sestriere, a car race, and the Carton rapid race, a carton boats race on Dora Riparia.

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