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Turin is the fourth largest town in Italy and the third economic-productive complex of the country. From 1563 to 1720, Turin has been the capital of Savoy Duchy, from 1713 to 1720 the second town of Sicily Kingdom, from 1720 to 1861 the capital of Sardinia Kingdom and finally, from 1861 to 1865, the capital of Italy Kingdom.
Today, Turin is one of the most important university, art, culture, tourism and science centre. In 2006, it has been the venue for XX Winter Olympic Games. It is the fulcrum of italian automotive industry, important publishing, economic centre but also of telecommunications, cinema, advertising, wine and food industry, design and sport.
Turin is nearby the main skiing facilities. Motorway A32 Torino- Bardonecchia links the town with the Alta Valsusa stations.
Rich in history, Turin owns four national museums (Cinema Museum, Car Museum, Mountain Museum and Renaissance Museum) and some other international museum such as the Egyptian Museum, the Royal Armory, Eastern Art Museum, Astronomy Museum, the JMuseum and the sport Museum.
Things you absolutely cant’miss in Turin are Piazza San Carlo, Mole Antonelliana, Piazza Castello, Parco del Valentino, Palazzo Reale e Colli Torinesi.

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